Tous Les Jours offers a large selection of freshly baked bread each day.
Each delicious bread is carefully baked with the finest ingredients, treating our
customers to the very best.
Our pastries are made with the highest quality ingredients, and are baked fresh daily. Popular items are Cream Cheese Pastry, Fruit Pastry, Almond Pastry, and more. Our cheese and chocolate flavored Crossaints are also popular.
Apple PieSweet Potato Pie
Cream Cheese PastryAlmond Pastry
Ham & Cheese PastryChestnut Pastry
Cinnamon RollOrange Pastry
CrossaintChocolate Crossaint
Cheese CrossiantChocolate Stick Pastry
Maple PastryFruit Pastry
Red Bean PastryMaron Pocket
Our doughnuts are always fresh and tasty. Red bean paste inside and lightly sprinkled with sugar on the outside, these tastes are balanced exquisitely with the texture of the dough. Perfect for mid-day snacking or anytime you could use a sweet pick me-up.
Twist TwistSweet Corn Cream Doughnut
Red Bean DoughnutSweet Rice Doughnut
Frank RollCroquette Tuna Croquette
Sesame Doughnut
Pan Bread
All Pan Breads at Tous Les Jours are baked daily at the store, so they are the utmost in freshness. Perfect for toasting and making sandwiches.
Morning Toast Bread
Whipped Cream Pan Bread
Multi Grain Pan BreadButter Pan Bread
Chestnut Pan Bread
Pastry Pan Bread (Danish)
Green Tea Pan BreadRaisin Pan Bread
Try our fresh baguettes. With popular items such as Walnut Cream Baguette and Milk Cream Baguette, you’ll taste the compatability created by the soft, sweet cream, crisp crust and chewy goodness of the baguette.
French BaguetteGarlic Baguette
Walnut Cream BaguetteMilk Cream Baguette
Asian Style Bread
You will find our famous Asian Style Bread not just different, but an interesting departure from traditonal baked goods, distinguished by its great taste and texture. Explore the various tastes of our Asian Style Bread and see which strikes your fancy.
Sesame RollCheese RollSoboro
Redbean BreadMaron Bun
Snowpea BunMelon Bun
Chocolate BunPeanut Cream Bread
Dinner RollGarlic Chopped Rusk
Butter & Honey Rusk
Tofu Sweet Mame Bread
Butter Cream BreadMocha Bread
Mocha Cream BreadBaby Shoux
CustardMilk SoftMommoth
Coffee Pairing Items
Our selection of Caneli, Brioche, Scones are made especially to be enjoyed with coffee. These items are a perfect treat to pair with a cup of coffee for an after meal dessert or a late afternoon treat.
CaneliCherry BriochePlain Scone
Cranberry SconeBrioche
Brioche Pan BreadAlmond Pastry

All of Tous Les Jours’ fine cake selection from our famous Cloud
Cakes to Gift Cakes are readily available throughout the year.
As you walk into our store, you will be delighted to find the showcase filled with our beautiful cakes.
Cloud Cakes
Moist white cakes with a fruit cocktail and cream filling that is beautifully covered with a delicate whipped cream icing. Comes in various designs and sizes.

Tiramisu Cakes
Wonderfully rich, cream cheese filling topped with fruit and whipped cream or a crumbly coffee almond crust, generously dusted with cocoa powder.

Mousse Cakes
Known for its rich, sweet filling, Sweet Potato Mousse Cake is one of our most popular cakes. Mocha Mousse and Baked Cheese Mousse cakes are also available.
Sweet Potato Mousse CakeMocha Mousse Cake
Baked Cheese Mousse Cake
Butter Cream Cakes
Moist white cakes with a soft cream filling under a traditional buttercream icing.
Happy PartyStrawberry Roll Roll
Milk Choco CakeWhite Choco Cake
Mocha Cake
Gift Cakes
Ranging from the Pound Cake Gift Set to Mocha Roll Cake, wonderful gifts for all occasions!
Sponge CakeLemon Cheese Sponge Cake
Cream Cheese CastellaChoco Choco
Honey Castella12 Pettite Set
Strawberry Jam RollMocha Roll
Walnut Pound CakePound Cake Gift Set
Special Cakes
Special Cake orders are available for your special occasions such as Weddings, Birthdays, Work Parties, or Family Celebrations. Choose from our special line-up and we will customize your cake just for you. Please consult the store manager for details.
CelebrationCrystalForest Party

Tous Les Jours is offering a wide assortment of drinks from
brewed coffee and teas to fresh smoothies. Tous Les Jours
proudly serves La Mills coffee and espresso.
Brewed Coffee
Tous Les Jours coffee beans are custom made to satisfy our coffee lovers. Our coffee is a medium bodied blend with taste of pecan and light chocolate.
Regular CoffeeHazelnut Coffee
Espresso Drinks
Have a fresh Latte to warm up. Or enjoy a sweet Caramel Macchiato. Our hot or cold espresso drinks are made fresh right in front of you.
EspressoCafé Americano
Ice AmericanoCafé LatteIced Café Latte
CappuccinoCafé MochaIced Café Mocha
Caramel MacchiatoIced Caramel Macchiato
Coffee Alternatives
For a coffee alternative, experience serenity in a cup, as we bring you the finest teas. Or indulge yourself with our rich, creamy Hot Chocolate.
Hot Teas (Various Kinds)Iced Tea
Hot Chocolate
Fruity and healthy frozen yogurt blended into a satisfying smoothie. Absolutely refreshing!
StrawberryMangoPina Colada
Frozen Yogurt Dessert
We serve fat-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, fresh frozen yogurt ice cream with fresh fruit, granola and cereal toppings. Also, enjoy Yoggie Castle, our fresh frozen yogurt dessert that is a great mix of frozen yogurt and crunchy shaved ice.
Plain Frozen YogurtYoggie Castle
Our sandwiches are made fresh daily with high quality ingredients on delicious bread from our bakery. Availability varies by location.
Tender Chicken WrapMorning Roll Sandwich
Croissant SandwichCafé B.L.T
Potato Salad SandwichTous Les Jours Garden
Mozzarella BaconHam & Cheese

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